What's the weirdest animal in the world?

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    weirdest animal in the world

    What's the weirdest animal in the world?

    From "Dogs" to "A Batfish with stunning lips", here are the 29 answers to the question, "What's the weirdest animal in the world?"

    • Dogs
    • The Frill-necked Lizard is Right Out of Jurassic Park
    • Aye-aye
    • The Blobfish
    • What's Up With the Platypus?
    • The Goblin Shark
    • Immortal Jellyfish
    • The Palm Cockatoo
    • Manatees Are Weird and Wonderful
    • The Yeti Crab | No Eyes All Love
    • Tasmanian Devil
    • The Axolotl
    • Sea Creatures!!!
    • Have You Seen a Raccoon Dog?
    • The Most Bizarre Deep Water Fish
    • The Three-toed Sloth
    • Brazilian Treehopper
    • The Jabiru Stork
    • Axolotl - the Mexican Walking Fish
    • Meet the Pangolin
    • Star-nosed Mole
    • Shoebills - the Neighborhood Freak
    • The Hairy Frog
    • A Chevrotain (mouse-deer)
    • Okapi
    • Megamouth Shark
    • Naked Mole Rat
    • The Saiga Antelope
    • A Batfish With Stunning Lips!


    This is going to sound like a weird answer at first. Dogs are one of the weirdest animals when you think about how different all the breeds are. It ranges from a 5lb teacup poodle to a Mastiff that can be over 200lb. There is no other animal that is the same breed but is so different in the way they look. Man would selectively breed dogs for a purpose and we ended up with dogs that are so drastically different. You see two different breeds of dogs together and sometimes it's hard to think they are even the same animal they are so different.

    Evan McCarthy, President CEO, SportingSmiles

    The Frill-necked Lizard is Right Out of Jurassic Park

    The Frill-necked lizard takes the cake for weirdest animal in the world simply due to its resemblance to the acid spitting dinosaur from all our nightmares featured heavily in the first Jurassic Park movie. Although this animal is not lethal like it’s prehistoric friend, it’s appearance echoes memories of a prehistoric world only imagined through glimpses of our present day reality.

    Michael Fischer, Founder, Elite HRT


    Lemurs are known for being pretty adorable, in both there appearance and there antics. The Aye-aye however isn't so appreciated for it's looks. Unlike the other lemur species this little guy has a rather startling appearance, with it's large eyes, wiry hair and extremely long fingers, which it uses to fish out grubs from holes in trees. Local Folklore has even painted them as harbingers of evil and bad omens, which hasn't led them to having many good interactions with indigenous peoples of Madagascar. Despite all that, They're incredibly interesting and specialized type of lemur. Their appearance can be a bit off-putting but once you're used to it, you might be surprised how easily they come into the 'so ugly it's cute' category, for those of us with that particular inclination anyway.

    Boye Fajinmi, Co-Founder & President , TheFutureParty

    The Blobfish

    The blobfish is a deep sea fish that lives in the ocean off the coast of Australia and Tasmania. You may have seen photos or videos of blobfish online, as they are often used as an example of “ugliest animals.” They are also known as “fathead fish.” Their bodies are mostly made of collagen, which is a type of protein, and they have very little muscle. Blobfish often live at depths of 1000 meters or more, where there is little food and the water pressure is strong. They are able to survive in these conditions because their bodies are so squishy. Some have called the blobfish “the ugliest animal in the world.” However, many people have responded by saying that the blobfish is actually quite cute.

    Matthew Ramirez, CEO, Rephrasely

    What's Up With the Platypus?

    If you think about it, the platypus is a bizarre animal! It has a long body with soft, otter-like fur. But it has a bill more like a duck. Sure - maybe that's not too crazy, but get this: They're one of the few mammals that lay eggs. And even weirder? They are poisonous. A male platypus can deliver a "mega-sting" which can cause the victim to be incapacitated for multiple weeks. How is that not the weirdest animal in the world?

    Logan Mallory, Vice President of Marketing, Motivosity

    The Goblin Shark

    The goblin shark is one of the most unusual and little-known animals in the world. Found in deep water around the globe, this elusive creature has a unique appearance that has led to it being nicknamed the “alien of the sea.” The goblin shark has a long, flat snout that is covered in electrosensitive pores, allowing it to sense prey in the dark waters where it lives. It also has a retractable jaw that is filled with long, sharp teeth, which it uses to snag its prey. In addition to its strange appearance, the goblin shark is also one of the slowest-moving sharks, only able to swim at a leisurely pace of about 2 miles per hour. As a result, it is not a threat to humans and is rarely seen by people. However, for those who are lucky enough to encounter this bizarre creature, it is sure to leave a lasting impression. I for one, would rather not have to meet one at the beach!

    Natalia Brzezinska, Marketing & Outreach Manager, US Visa Photo

    Immortal Jellyfish

    Turritopsis dohrnii, also known as the immortal jellyfish is easily the weirdest animal in the world. It is the only currently know animal that is effectively biologically immortal. The trick this creature employs to cheat death is incredibly interesting. This little animal can at any time and in any stage of it's it's life, flip the script regress back through it's lifecycle. Imagine having the ability too turn back into a baby and grow up all over again. That's what this Jellyfish can do seemingly at will. While it's certainly more complex than it sounds here, even in layman's terms the abilities of the immortal jellyfish seem like something out of a story book. This is easily one of the weirdest and most unique creatures on the planet, hands down.

    Max Schwartzapfel, CMO, Schwartzapfel Lawyers

    The Palm Cockatoo

    The palm cockatoo is a parrot that lives in the forests of New Guinea and the north of Australia. It’s the largest cockatoo, and the second-largest flying parrot, but that’s hardly the most special thing about it. What makes this bird one of the weirdest animals in the world is its unusual mouth. It has a large black beak, shaped like a nutcracker, with uneven mandibles that never fully close. This unusual beak allows the palm cockatoos to open large nuts and even break thick sticks. Inside, they have a double mouth, from which they slide out their tongue, which is the other peculiar feature. The tongue, red with a black tip, has bones and cartilage, and therefore is often compared to a human finger. Unfortunately, like so many other weird and wonderful species, this remarkable bird is threatened with habitat destruction.

    Maja Kowalska, Community Manager, Zety

    Manatees Are Weird and Wonderful

    The manatee also known as the 'sea cow' is both weird and wonderful. They use their farts to float! By holding gas in, they float and by releasing it, they sink. These large mammals live on a diet of algae and grasses. The massive manatee can eat over 10% of their body weight each day. This large appetite leads them to be the largest herbivore in the ocean. They prefer warm waters and will swim into warm springs when it turns cold. In the warm waters, they will sleep for over half of the day. When they walk along the sea bed, they do so on their tiptoes. These behemoths are related to the elephant and constantly replace their teeth just as elephants do.

    Chandler Rogers, CEO, Relay

    The Yeti Crab | No Eyes All Love

    The Yeti Crab is one of the most unique animals in the world for several reasons. For one, it is the only known species of crab that does not have eyes. Instead, it has long, white hairs that cover its entire body, including its claws. These hairs are thought to help the Yeti Crab to detect food and avoid predators. The Yeti Crab is also unique because it is one of the few animals that are truly endemic to the deep sea. It is found in hydrothermal vents along the seafloor, feeding on bacteria and other tiny organisms. In addition, the Yeti Crab is one of the deepest-dwelling animals on Earth, living at depths of up to 7,000 meters. This extreme environment is considered a major factor in its unique appearance and behavior. Overall, the Yeti Crab is a truly unique and fascinating animal.

    Jimmy Minhas, Founder & CEO, GerdLi

    Tasmanian Devil

    Weird is a word that describes being different from what is described as usual. A Tasmanian devil is a strange and wonderful animal in equal measure. It's among the most ferocious animals in the world. Its ferocity is baffling since it lacks the body size you would normally associate ferocity with for an animal with such a temper. Tasmanian devils are not found in the United States or other parts of the world apart from Tasmania, Australia. These animals are so different from other marsupials that they are usually calm and shy. Tasmanian devils are small with a ferocious appetite and a cry that sends chills to your bones. Its cries in the dark make it a devil to many.

    Yongming Song, CEO, Live Poll for Slides

    The Axolotl

    The axolotl is a rare species of salamander native to Mexico that has the unique ability to regenerate lost limbs and organs. It has a wide, flat head with black eyes, pink gills on either side of its neck, and four beige legs with webbed feet. The axolotl is also unique in that it does not undergo metamorphosis like other salamanders, so it remains in a larval form throughout its life. Its diet consists of worms, insects, and small fish, which it catches with its long tongue. Not only is the axolotl one of the strangest animals on Earth, but it is also considered to be critically endangered and is currently under protection in Mexico.

    Tzvi Heber, Founder, CEO & HR Head, Ascendant Detox

    Sea Creatures!!!

    Jellyfish are pretty damn weird. They’re 95 % water. They don’t have a brain, nervous system, or skeletal structure. Some species of jellyfish are technically immortal. They can revert from their adult to their infant state. They can clone themselves. If you cut one jellyfish in half, two complete copies will form. Some can glow in the dark. And jellyfish only have one hole, meaning their mouth and their butt is the same thing. If all of this doesn’t make the jellyfish one of the weirdest animals out there, I don’t know what does.

    Billy Parker, Managing Director, Gift Delivery

    Have You Seen a Raccoon Dog?

    Native to eastern Asia, the raccoon dog is neither a raccoon nor a dog. Though you wouldn't know this simply by looking at the creature. They have the body of a dog and the face of a raccoon. However, they are most closely related to foxes. Common Japanese folklore believed they were as mischievous as an imp and could shapeshift. The raccoon dog or Tanuki as it's called in Japan, is nocturnal and has a lifespan of 7-8 years. Not only is the animal strange looking but it has weird characteristics as it makes cries that sound like a cat. Through Super Mario and Animal Crossing games, these characters have become much better known.

    Caroline Duggan, Chief Brand Officer, Lumineux

    The Most Bizarre Deep Water Fish

    Ghost Sharks, or Chimeras, are an exceptionally rare species of fish in the world. Spotted on New Zealand's South Island Coast, they are also known as ratfish, spookfish, and rabbitfish. Humans rarely see them as they belong at depths between 200 to 2,600 meters along the seafloor. Related to sharks and rays, these fishes also have cartilaginous skeletons instead of bones. A newly hatched ghost shark is astonishing, with a pair of large black eyes crowned on the pointy head and a belly full of egg yolk. Adult ghost sharks have venomous spines in front of their dorsal fins, and males have a retractable sex organ called a tenaculum on their foreheads.

    Tali Ditye, Co Founder, DITYE LLC

    The Three-toed Sloth

    This metabolically challenged mammal, the Three-Toed Sloth, is more slothful than the Two-Toed Sloth. Residing in the Amazon of South America, it uses its three clawed toes to hang from trees, where it spends most of its life. It looks as if it has a permanent smile on its face and is about the size of a cat or small dog. It can sleep up to 20 hours per day while hanging from a tree, and descends to the ground only once a week to defecate and urinate. Algae grows on its fur, due to the animal’s lack of movement, but the greenish hue helps to camouflage this creature.

    Serdar Ozenalp, Co- Founder & Managing Director, Ocoza

    Brazilian Treehopper

    Brazilian Treehopper has unusually distinctive body parts and features. Its enormous head seems to be completely armoured and hardy. The most terrifying part is its antennas which have the form of a chopper or whirlybird. It is composed of five hairy mini spheres sticking out in all directions forming a protective rim at its crown. This weird animal has large and intimidating eyes with a pair of exquisite and thick wings wrapped around its abdomen to protect it from the Brazilian harsh rainforest climate. Its extraordinary appearance can give you a bizarre sensation and would make you maintain your distance.

    Joshua Tibando, Content & PR Manager, Findstoragefast

    The Jabiru Stork

    The Jabiru Stork is one of the visually extraordinary birds you will see. They are native to North and South America. They are currently one of the tallest flying birds in the world. Visually the stork looks straight out of a Jurassic Park movie. Jabirus have a long, balding neck with a wingspan of 8 feet and long legs that make them look terrifying. Their thick, black, long neck makes sense, given that their name Jabiru means 'thick neck.' They are predatory and take their time stalking their prey. They are versatile in their hunting practices by not limiting themselves to the water. Their throat pouch looks pink when they are relaxed. But it becomes bright red as they use it to communicate. They even go far as to practice cannibalism and steal the eggs of other storks during the breeding season. The Jabiru storks are magnificent and interesting birds. One may even call them weird as they are unique.

    Adam Berry, Founder at AdamBerrySeo, AdamBerrySEO

    Axolotl - the Mexican Walking Fish

    Nature sure knows how to surprise us when it comes to weird animals! From the blobfish that resembles a slimy, squishy bag of jelly; to the goblin shark with its ghostly pale skin and a pointy snout. With so many strange creatures out there, it can be hard to decide which animal is the weirdest of them all. My top contender for the weirdest animal in the world is the axolotl, otherwise known as the Mexican walking fish. This salamander-like creature looks like something out of a fantasy novel, with an eel-like body and frilly gills that look like feathers or petals around its head. Not only does it look strange, but its ability to regenerate limbs and organs is enough to make anyone do a double-take.

    Natalia Grajcar, Co-Founder, Natu.Care

    Meet the Pangolin

    The pangolin is a scaly anteater looking animal, which is in high demand in parts of Asia. Many people, particularly in China, eat the meat of pangolins and use their scales for traditional medicines. Due to the demand for these animals, today they are a protected species. These mammals do not have teeth and eat insects using their long tongues to dig into ant beds and termite colonies. They can roll into a ball leaving only their hard scales visible to escape their enemies. Sadly, these unique animals are still one of the most trafficked in the world.

    Andrew Adamo, VP, Bullion Shark

    Star-nosed Mole

    One of the weirdest animals in the world in my opinion are star-nosed moles. If you don’t know what they look like imagine an offspring of an anteater and the Demogorgon from the hit show Stranger Things. The image is offputting, to say the least.Star-nosed moles are found in parts of North America and are not dangerous to humans, but they can cause damage to some landscapes or gardens. The animal is often referred to as a neurological wonder and a marvel of evolution due to the fact that they have extremely efficient nervous systems that convey information from the environment to its brains at speeds approaching the physiological limits of neurons. Moreover, unlike the 38 other mole species, star-nosed moles can swim—and have the unique ability to smell underwater.

    Karo Guzek, People & Culture Specialist, hiJunior

    Shoebills - the Neighborhood Freak

    Well it's obviously those dorky-looking weird and wonderful birds called Shoebills that have recently become social media famous.The Shoebill (Balaeniceps rex), is a large, peculiar-looking bird that resembles a dinosaur. type creature, even its Latin name sounds jurassic!It has a long, contoured bill that it uses to catch fish, and it frequently remains completely motionless for extended periods, for no reason at all.Long and beveled, its bill resembles a shoe, hence its name. In addition, it has an odd large, spherical body and skinny long legs. The shoebill is found in Africa, specifically in the Sudan, Uganda, Congo, Zambia, and Zimbabwe, where it inhabits wetlands. It is a shy bird (shame) that is rarely spotted in the wild. so it makes it extremely uncommon to encounter one to grab a selfie with for Instagram as they are extremely reticent.

    Kyle Kroeger, Founder, Via Travelers

    The Hairy Frog

    Mammals with hair are common, but it's unusual to find a reptile or an amphibian with hair on their body. The hairy frog, often known as the "horror frog," is an exception, where the male frog is seen with 4-5 inches of long hair on him. The intriguing thing about them is that they actually function as dermal papillae, which increases the amount of oxygen that is supplied to their bodies. When the female frog lays eggs, the male frog will require more oxygen than usual to safeguard them. Not just that, but it also has a further peculiar feature, which is its retractable claws, which lend him his other name, "Wolverine."

    Preston Powell, Chief Executive Officer , Webserv

    A Chevrotain (mouse-deer)

    A chevrotain (mouse-deer). This tiny, cute deer-like creature is a fascinating species that science doesn’t yet fully understand. Despite their name, mouse-deer are not mice, nor are they deer. They have their own family, Tragulidae. With a round body, spindly legs, and long fangs, at first glance, they look like a weird mash-up of a deer and a mouse, and even a pig. Chevrotains are the smallest hoofed mammals in the world, native to forests of Asia & Africa. Surprisingly enough, their hooves make a lot of noise. Although normally peaceful and shy, when agitated, a male will angrily beat his hooves. Due to their small size, chevrotains are preyed upon by many different animals, so they use this “drum roll” technique to scare off predators.

    Agata Szczepanek, Community Manager, LiveCareer


    A giraffe, perhaps? A zebra, perhaps? Is that the outcome of a zebra and giraffe getting too close? The okapi, also called the zebra giraffe, is a close family member of the giraffe but is not a hybrid. The height at the shoulder of this bizarre and oddly handsome creature is roughly 4.9 feet, and its length is roughly 8 feet. Women are slightly taller. It has a sleek, reddish-brown, or dark brown coat and distinctive zebra patterns on the legs and hindquarters, but its neck is not as long as that of its cousin. Okapi has ossicones upon their heads, but not females. Only in the Democratic Republic of the Congo can one find the endangered species in its natural habitat.

    Alex Armstrong-Paling, Managing Director, ToolFit

    Megamouth Shark

    Megachasma pelagios is a calm plankton feeder similar to basking and whale sharks, yet having a mouth the size of a bathtub. As an enigmatic species, it lives underground in the warmer waters of all the world's oceans and was only discovered in 1976. Not a strong swimmer like other sharks, it has a soft body, and appears to use the least amount of energy to maintain motion. It is brown, dark blue, or grey on top, with a white belly. It also has strange, protruding lips. With up to 50 rows of tiny teeth in the jaw bone and 75 row in the lower jaw, the megamouth can be more than 4 feet wide. The sharks can grow to be 18 feet long and more than 2 tonnes in weight. Even though scientists don't truly know how many megamouth sharks there are, their conservation category is Least Concern.

    Matthew Appleton, E-Commerce Manager, Appleton Sweets

    Naked Mole Rat

    There are a lot of weird animals in the world, but the weirdest has to be the naked mole rat. These rodents are practically blind and hairless, and they live in underground tunnels. They're also immune to pain, and they can live for up to 30 years! But the weirdest thing about naked mole rats is their social structure. They live in colonies of up to 80 individuals, and each colony has just one breeding female. The rest of the colony consists of non-breeding males and females, who serve as the breeding female's servants. So if you're looking for a weird animal, the naked mole rat is definitely it!

    Adam Garfield, Marketing Director , Hairbro

    The Saiga Antelope

    The saiga antelope is an animal native to the steppes of Central Asia, and it looks like a cross between a deer and a horse. It's best known for its distinctive bulging nose, which can be up to six inches long! The peculiar organ helps filter dust from the air during hot summers and warm winters. It also helps the saiga antelope detect predators, as well as regulate its temperature during extreme temperatures. Furthermore, it gets its name from the loud call that these animals make - a sound similar to barking, which can be heard up to 5 kilometres away! Unfortunately, their population has decreased drastically due to overhunting and poaching, making the saiga antelope one of the rarest animals in the world.

    Matt Teifke, Founder, CEO & HR Head, Teifke Real Estate

    A Batfish With Stunning Lips!

    With its sultry red kisser, the red-lipped batfish looks ready for a night on the town! The fish uses its fins like legs to strut across the seafloor. Some suggest the red hue was designed to attract a mate! Make-up fans who try to achieve a gorgeous red-lip might be jealous of this batfish’s perfect pout!

    Kenneth Lin, CEO, BOOP Bakery

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